Louis Sauter

Composer, Performer

Events: Concerts and Recordings

Map of all known places where my music has been performed or recorded, including links to pictures and videos.

Past Concerts

  • Fri som fågeln
    Häradshammars, 2 July ; Motala, 6 July ;
    Vadstena, 18 July ; Godegårds, 30 July 2017
    Anna Elisa Lindqvist, soprano, and Emelie Gemzell, flute, performed La ballade du cœur qui a tant battu in four different churches in Sweden.

  • Uno, Dos, ¿Tres?
    La Paz, 28 July 2017
    My suite Trois fleuves  was performed by Delina Pineda Fernández, violín, Alejandro Flores Llanos, bass clarinet, and Mateo Viscarra Wilde, piano. More information.
  • Chants du monde
    Plomodiern and Kerlaz, 27 and 28 July 2017 µMesse was performed by the Chorale Chants du monde directed by Anne-Laure Jaïn, first in Plomodiern and then in Kerlaz.
  • Concerti in Piazza Verdi
    Bologna, 18 July 2017
    Pianist Alexander Romanosky and the Quintetto d’Archi del Teatro Comunale di Bologna gave another performance of my arrangement of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue for piano and string quintet. Watch the performance on the Videos page. More information.
  • Varignana Music Festival
    Palazzo Varignana, Bologna, 15 July 2017
    My arrangement of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue for piano and string quintet was performed by pianist Alexander Romanosky and the Quintetto d’Archi del Teatro Comunale di Bologna for the final concert of the festival. More information. Watch a video of the beginning of the performance. Watch a short report on Italian television.
  • Faro Indios Verdes
    Mexico, 28 November 2015
    I am always happy to see my music performed by students who are learning an instrument! Watch Jonathan Miguel Islas Huerta of FARO Indios Verdes in Mexico play Air pour guitare here.
  • Night Out in the Parks
    Lincoln Park Cultural Center, 22 June 2017
    The Grant Park Music Festival Apprentice Chorale and the Project Inclusion String and Vocal Quartets, directed by Christopher Bell, repeated their program in Chicago. See a photo.
  • Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts
    Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago, 21 June 2017
    Laissez-moi mes rêves for SATB choir and string quartet was beautifully performed by the Grant Park Music Festival Apprentice Chorale and the Project Inclusion String and Vocal Quartets, directed by Christopher Bell. The concert was broadcast and streamed by WFMT (a high quality recording is available on their site). More information.
  • 250 piano pieces for Beethoven
    Bonn, 22 May 2017
    Pianist Susanne Kessel premiered Tristan im Mondschein, which was composed for her 250 piano pieces for Beethoven project. More information.

  • Conciertos para la Juventud
    Valparaíso, 25 April 2017
    Consort de Flautes Dulces PUCV performed Odysseus for four recorders at the Parque Cultural de Valparaíso. Check the program. More information here and here.

  • Soleil couchant en musique classique
    Le Carbet, Martinique, 22 April 2017
    Quintet Classique de Martinique (QCM) gave a new performance of Vagabondages at Le Petitbonum.

  • I/You: Duos for Soprano and Cello
    Univ. of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 28 March 2017
    Courtney Sherman (soprano) and Michael Dewhirst (cello) performed a very small mass that they had premiered in February 2016 (Weidner Center for the Performing Arts).

  • Soleil couchant en musique classique
    Le Carbet, Martinique, 18 March 2017
    Quintet Classique de Martinique (QCM) performed Vagabondages (quartet version) during their concert at Le Petitbonum. More information.

  • Voxmania
    Ballainvilliers, 17 March 2017
    My art song Le chat was premiered by Hélène Sauter and myself during the Voxmania concert given by Cathy Biros' singing class in the chapel of the Château de Ballainvilliers. Watch the video.

  • Empem 64 anos - Concerto Comemorativo
    Piracicaba, 11 March 2017
    Ballade du cœur qui as tant battu was performed during a concert celebrating the 64th anniversary of the Maestro Ernst Mahle Music School of Piracicaba (Empem). More information

  • What's Love Got To Do With It?
    Seattle, 18 February 2017
    Ecco Chamber Ensemble
    members Stacey Mastrian (soprano) and Sarah Bassingthwaighte (flute) beautifully performed Ballade du cœur qui as tant battu. See more.

  • Poëzievertaalwedstrijd
    Theater De Boerderij Huizen, 25 January 2017
    Staffa Trio performed Las bodas de Helena for violin, clarinet and piano.

  • The Future Bond Project
    Warwick, 7 January 2017
    Rita Schindler beautifully premiered Suite pour harpe during the concert of the Future Blend Project. A video from the live broadcast is available here.

  • Huiskamerconcert
    Tilbourg, 18 December 2016
    Fransje Valster, Berendina van Straalen (clarinets) and Simone van Belkom (accordion) performed Las bodas de Helena.

  • Three Faces of Ebony
    Montreal, 10 December 2016
    Mark Simons (clarinet), Matt Herskowitz (piano) and Airat Ichmouratov (conductor) performed George Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue for clarinet, piano and string orchestra (arrangement Mark Simons/Matt Herskowitz & Louis Sauter). Details

  • 15 second harp
    11 November 2016
    Mea Wade and Olivia Jageurs performed my 15-second La Farandole berlugane for oboe and harp on 11 November 2016 during a workshop at Dunhurst School. A recording of the piece is available on Instagram.

  • One Minute
    6 November 2016
    Iwona Glinka performed sixty one-minute pieces for solo flutes - including my Trois miniatures pour flûte. A CD of this program is to be published by Sarton and will be available on all major platforms.  Details

  • Schloss Elmau Experience
    1 November 2016
    SIGNUM Saxophone Quartet and pianist Julien Quentin premiered my arrangement of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue at Schloss Elmau, Bavaria.

  • Studio für neue Musik (Munich)
    26 September 2016
    Trio Contrastes beautifully performed Trois fleuves.

  • Summer Workshops
    Summer 2016
    Apophtegmes was studied and performed during musical summer workshops at Gite le Marguerite in Auvergne, France. The last perfomance was on 27 August 2016.

  • Music Appreciation Group
    August 2016
    Las bodas de Helena
    was performed by Haley, Jay and Jo Hutchins at the Marlow U3A Music Appreciation Group's August 2016 meeting. Watch the video.

  • Muntentorenconcert
    2 July 2016
    Laissez-moi mes rêves
    arranged for mixed choir, string quartet and organ was performed in Deventer, The Netherlands. More information here. Watch the video.

  • Fête de l'Ecole des arts
    24 June 2016
    An arrangement of Ballade du cœur qui a tant battu for voice, flute and harp was performed at the Orangerie du Château des Célestins in Marcoussis, France. Watch the video.

  • Mozart au fil du temps
    11-12 June 2016
    Hélène (voice) and Louis Sauter (piano) performed a selection from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's aria Ch'io mi scordi di te ? at the Salle des Daunettes in Ballainvilliers. Watch a video
  • Flute and piano
    6 June 2016
    The 5ème Grand solo pour flûte and piano by Jean-Louis Tulou was performed by M.K. (flute) and Louis Sauter (piano) at Conservatoire de Palaiseau. Listen to the recording

  • Gelnický kľúč 2016
    27 May 2016
    sections of Les noces de Chounette were performed by students in Slovakia. Watch Nocturne and Tango.

  • Oxidosis
    15 May 2016
    A recording of Dream (from Apophtegmes Orchestra Suite) by Dimitris Bouzanis directing the OSM orchestra of ERT was used for the soundtrack of oxidosis, a video showing beautiful  photographs of oxidized surfaces.

  • Festliches Konzert zum Marien-Monat Mai
    1 May 2016
    for voice and flute was performed at St. Bartholomäus in Wilster (Germany) by two great musicians: Geraldine Zeller (soprano) and Gustav Hintz (flute) More

  • Las manos del agua
    14 April 2016
    Trio Contrastes premiered Trois fleuves for violin, bass clarinet and piano at Auditoria del Conservatorio  Profesional de Música de Salamanca, Spain. Read the program. Watch a preview. More information

  • Fête de la lecture
    Hélène and Louis Sauter perfomed Rêve impérieux for voice and piano at the Château de Ballainvilliers, France. Hélène also read Femme noire by Léopold Sédar Senghor while Louis played a few notes on an mbira and on a valiha.

  • TV Unimep
    The 63rd anniversary concert of the EMPEM in Piracicaba was broadcast by TV Unimep. Watch the full video or just the performance of Ballade du cœur qui a tant battu

  • Leerlingen Concert
    Arnhem, 2016-04-02
    Paul van Woerden (violin) and Martine Baar (clarinet), both adult students at the Gelders Muziek Portaal, performed Las bodas de Helena accompanied by Ferrie van Heerebeek, piano.
  • Concert in Sicily
    Las bodas de Helena
    was performed by Trio Panormus (Giovanni Giuliano, clarinet, Giorgio Gasparri, cello, and Pasquale Lo Cascio, piano)  in Syracuse, Sicily. More information

  • Anniversary of EMPEM
    Antonio Pessotti (tenor) and Rafael Gobeth (flute) performed Ballade du cœur qui a tant battu during the 63rd anniversary concert of the EMPEM in Piracicaba, Brazil. The concert was broadcast by TV Unimep on 6 April 2016.Watch the video. Read an article.

  • Concert à Ballainvilliers
    Hélène Sauter (soprano), Cécile Millot (flute) and Louis Sauter (piano) premiered a new arrangement of Ballade du cœur qui a tant battu (Chapelle du Château de Ballainvilliers, France). Watch the video

  • Chamber Music Competition
    Las bodas de Helena was performed by Smíšené trio (clarinet, bassoon and piano) at a competition in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • UNK New Music Festival
    Verismo Trio encored Une minute d'ennui for flute, saxophone and piano at the 2016 UNK New Music Festival in Kearney, Nebraska. See the full program here

  • Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame

    a very small consortium performed Pastiche for saxophone quartet and a very small mass for soprano and cello. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. More information

  • Duo Biondi Brunialti & Mascoulisse Quartet
    Pianists Paola Biondi and Debora Brunialti together with the Mascoulisse trombone quartet performed Francis Poulenc's concerto for 2 pianos in an arrangement by Louis Sauter (Teatro Massimo, Pescara, Italy). More information

  • Regionalwettbewerb Landkreis Böblingen
    Las bodas de Helena was performed in Sindelfingen, Germany for this Regional Music Competition. The young performers got a first prize! More information

  • Mirel Iancovici
    Maestro Mirel Iancovici gave an encore performance of his Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame program (including "Au nom du silence") in Maastricht. More information

  • Audição de Flauta Transversal
    (for voice and flute) was premiered by Antônio Pessotti (tenor) and Rafael Gobeth (flute) at Sala Dr. Mahle in Piracicaba, Brazil. At the same concert, Camila Ortolani (voice) and Renata Martim (flute) performed Cœur qui a tant battu.
  • Las Bodas de Helena
    Trio Vivace performed Las bodas de Helena in Koper, Slovenia. Listen to a recording.

  • Audição de Canto
    Cœur qui a tant battu was performed by Camila Ortolani (voice) and Renata Martim (flute) at Sala Dr. Mahle in Piracicaba, Brazil.

  • Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame
    Verismo Trio premiered Une minute d'ennui at the Buchanan Center for Performing Arts Recital Hall, University of Wyoming. Video

  • Dédé QuintetWorkshop
    22 August 2015
    A workshop was organized in Deventer with the Dédé Quintet who performed Les noces de Chounette and Romantica. (Video)

  • Mirel IancoviciFifteen-Minutes-of-Fame
    Mirel Iancovici premiered Au nom du silence for solo cello as part of his Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame concert at the International Cellofestival Zutphen. Watch the video.

  • Journée du XXIème
    The students of the CRD in Fresnes premiered Variation pour la fin du temps by Louis Sauter as well as arrangements of the Intermède from Messiaen's Quatuor pour la fin du temps and of two Visions Fugitives by Prokofiev. Video

  • Heure musicale
    Cosmic Suite II was performed in Palaiseau.

  • Trio Contrastes
    Las bodas de Helena
    (a tango for clarinet, violin and piano) was premiered by Trio Contrastes in Salamanca, Spain. Program - Watch the video.

  • Coups de Vents
    Suite carpatique (Carpathian Suite, aka Cântece populare românești) was performed in Anzin for the quarter-finals of the Coups de Vents Composition Contest. A video can be viewed here.

  • Concert in Gourdon in Quercy
    Guillaume Loiseleur des Longchamps sang La ballade du cœur qui a tant battu with Laurent Chaumier, English horn. Program - Article

  • Tzu-En LeeFifteen-Minutes-of-Fame
    Violinist Tzu-En Lee premiered Jasmin des Montagnes at the Jan Hus Church in New York City. Watch the video.

  • Week-end de pratique amateurSonata Romantica
    Margit Kopper (flute) and Louis Sauter (piano) premiered the Sonata Romantica at the Espace Culturel, Igny (France). Watch the video.

  • Music of the Belle Époque
    Mary Hubbell (soprano) and Alice Jones (flute) performed Cœur qui as tant battu at the Elebash Recital Hall in New York City. They had premiered the piece on 23 November at the Jan Hus Church. Watch the video.

  • La Flauta Dulce: Apogeo, Olvido y Renacer
    Consort de Flautas Dulces PUCV performed Odysseus for 4 Recorders in Viña del Mar, near Valparaiso, Chili.
  • Aleks TengesdalNew Music North
    Aleks Tengesdal performed Saint-Pétersbourg for solo cello at the William H. Buset Centre for Music and Visual Arts in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He had premiered the piece on 19 November at the Duluth Underground. Watch the video.

  • Joe DrewFifteen-Minutes-of-Fame
    Joe Drew premiered Louis Sauter's "Prelude for Double Bell Trumpet." In his review of the concert, Jack Crager writes: "... gives way to Louis Sauter’s ironic closer “Prelude,” in which muted lines rise into a full-throated crescendo and then softly fade away." Watch the video.

  • Concert des ateliers
    Ricardo Nillni directed Las bodas de Helena and Apophtegmes Suite as well as arrangements of Ligeti's Bagatelles (Conservatoire de Fresnes). Watch the video of Apophtegmes

  • Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame
    Cvartet Passione premiered Souvenir de Bal at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest. Watch the video

  • Christmas Concert
    4 pianists performed a selection of the Variations on "We Wish You a Merry Christmas at a Christmas concert organised by the Lions Club in Soverato, Italy. Watch the video

  • Dédé QuintetOpstandingskerk De Bilt
    Dédé quintet performed Les noces de Chounette for the 50th anniversary of this church.

  • Musique à l'encre fraîche
    Variations on Leo and Virgo from Stockhausen's Tierkreis were performed by Ricardo Nillni and his students (Conservatoire de Fresnes). Watch the video

  • egg999 in Paris
    Several pieces were performed during a musical session of the European General Gathering of the Triple Nine Society, including 3 songs (Romantica, Forge ton destin, Rêve impérieux) and egg999 in Paris for piano duet (Cité des Arts, Paris) Watch the videos

  • Heure musicale
    Premiere of Apophtegmes, a set of 8 miniatures, by the Atelier de musique contemporaine directed by Ricardo Nillni (Conservatoire de Palaiseau). The piece was encored on 2013-06-02 in Palaiseau. Watch the video

  • Morning Concert for Parents and Children
    The OSM orchestra of ERT, directed by Dimitris Bouzanis, premiered a selection of the Apophtegmes Orchestra Suite at a Morning concert for parents and children in Athens, Greece. Dimitris wrote: ... your work was a success. Everybody liked it but most of all the children found many pictures in it." Listen to the recording